John Eric Byers is a critically acclaimed artist, designer, and maker who creates geometrically inspired pieces that are minimal, emotional and modernly refined. A former student of Wendell Castle, John's work is guided by a purity in form, repetition, structure and respect for use of materials. As noted by Grace Glueck of the New York Times  "The carved, patterned surfaces add considerable interest to his simplified forms, as does his exquisite attention to detail."

Heralded as a leading American artisan working in wood, permanent collections include the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C.  Numerous awards include a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award and inclusion in the Smithsonian's Archives of American Arts.


Additional comments on his work:


"Like any master, Byers' hides his painstaking labor, and his finished work appears to have been accomplished easily..."

- Ursula Ilse Neuman / Museum of Arts and Design


"He marries a painters attention to surface with a craftsman's devotion... A maker of art both stringent and playful, art that references history and modernism".

- Cate Mcquaid / Boston Globe


"He is offering a new perspective on the dialogue between the optical and the tactile".

- John Perreault / Critic


"Minimalist form meets maximal pattering through painstakingly wrought imperfection".

- Barbara Lovenheim / Breaking Ground 


"Painstaking artisanal work, rigorous design, and that organic but highly refined and sophisticated sensibility that’s the hallmark of what we call DesignCraft. " 

- Regina Connell / Handful of Salt


"...his magnificent building blocks of design, the sphere and ellipse, circle, square, cylinder and rectangle. Straightforward and solid, in Byers' skillful hands they serve as large canvases on which he projects mesmerizing carved and painted patterns".

- Jeannine Falino / American Craft Magazine


"Meticulous. This is the word that can be ascribed to all of John Eric Byers' work".

 - Mark Favermann / Critic